1. All pointing is carried out using Oz Flex, a highly flexible pointing compound with excellent adhesion properties for long term durability under harsh conditions. It is used for pointing new and old ridge and hip caps. It is manufactured in Western Australia and exceeds CSIRO AS 2050.
    2. The roof is sealed using 100% acrylic roof coating sealer, supplied by Deluxe Coatings and manufactured under strict controlled conditions especially for the harsh West Australian climate.
    3. The coatings used are 100% acrylic enhanced with Aquabeed. They are supplied by Deluxe Coatings, come in a range of colours, are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions especially suited for the harsh West Australian climate.
    Aquabead (Poly-Tetra-Fluro-Ethylene) is the most stable and slippery molecule known. It is highly resistant to breakdown because of its non-reactive molecule nature, and virtually does not react with any chemical. It is extremely resistant to chemical attack and its slippery nature makes it an excellent soil and stain repellent.
    Aquabead has been developed specifically for roof coatings and is extremely heat resistant, thereby protecting the coating from the effects of the sun and leading to longer durability.
    Roof Coatings containing Aquabead will have greater water repellency and gloss, and a surface that stays cleaner and lasts longer than conventional roof coatings.
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